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Official Rules

  • We are a natural pageant. No Glitz or Pro-Am modeling.

  • Dresses for contestants ages 0-35 months (Baby-Toddlers) may be any type of short-length formal dress or cupcake pageant dress.  Dresses for 3 year olds (Wee) may be a choice of short, cupcake, or floor-length pageant gown.  Dresses for ages 4 and up should be any type of age-appropriate floor-length pageant gown. 

  • Ages 0-14 may not show midriff in their gown. Girls competing in the Teen division (ages 15-18) may show slight midriff, but are not required to. 

  • Makeup and eyelashes are not required. Both may be used age appropriately and at the parent / guardian's discretion.

  • Spray tans are not required. Light / Natural spray tans are allowed.

  • Natural looking hair extensions are allowed.

  • No refunds are issued and no contestant will be placed in line up without paying in full by the deadline date.

  • Interview is open to all girls ages 5-18 (Young Tiny-Teen divisions). 

  • Age groups may be split or combined, depending on numbers, at the director’s discretion.

  • Contestants under the age of 5 (Baby-Petite) may be accompanied on stage. Scoring will remain at the judges' discretion. 

  • Contestants who won a title in the prior year, may not compete for the same title in the same age division in the following year(s).  If a contestant is in a different age division from the prior year, she may compete for the same title, pending current school/home residency.   

  • Contestants who won a title in the Teen Division (ages 15-18), are not eligible to compete for the same title in ANY following years.  For example, if a contestant won Miss Buford Teen at age 15, she may not compete for the Buford title again, only Miss Sweetheart of Georgia Teen.  If a contestant won Miss Sweetheart of Georgia Teen at age 15 and is not eligible to compete for the Miss Buford title, she may not compete in the pageant in ANY following years.

  • In support of all contestants, we ask that you clap and cheer for everyone. We are here to empower and support each young lady. 

  • Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. If you are exhibiting any type of negative behavior at our pageant, you will be asked to leave with no refund given.

NOTE:  BCSS will be enforcing the Clear Bag Policy at the Performing Arts Center for guests.  

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