Competition Information

Little Miss Buford title 

Open to all girls ages 0-18 that live full time at a Buford mailing address or attend Buford City Schools. There will be one queen per age division. The queen will receive a crown, trophy, and embroidered sash.


Miss Sweetheart of Georgia title 

Open to all girls ages 0-18 who live in Georgia. There will be one queen per age division. The queen will receive a crown, trophy, and embroidered sash.


Open to all girls ages 5-18 (Tiny-Teen divisions). Contestants who are competing in the Little Miss Buford and Miss Sweetheart of Georgia Pageant may compete in Interview as an Optional and the winner from each age division will be awarded with a plaque.  Additionally, pageant girls from all systems are welcome to participate in Interview as practice for their pageants.


All photos must be submitted electronically. Photos may be black and white or color. Photos will be submitted for judging and one winner per age division will be selected. Photos do not have to be professional. Submit all photos through the registration form.

The winner will receive a sash.

Prettiest Smile / Hair / Dress

There will be winners for each of the categories (smile, hair, and dress) in each age division. The winners will receive sashes. 

People's Choice

Votes are $1 each and will be collected in the contestant's decorated bag. Votes may be cast in cash on the day of the pageant or through our online payment system. Bags for contestants to decorate will be provided by the pageant during the workshop. There will be one winner per age division. The winner will receive a crown and sash. ​

Information regarding all areas of competition for the 2021 Little Miss Buford and Miss Sweetheart of Georgia Pageant:

Pageant Workshop/Rehearsal

An informational workshop/rehearsal will be held at the Buford High School Performing Arts Center. During the workshop, contestants will learn the walking pattern, practice on stage, tour the facilities, and ask any remaining questions.  Contestants participating in People's Choice will be given their bags at the workshop.


Ages 6 and under may wear any type of pageant or Sunday dress. Ages 7 and up should wear a long or floor length dress.


The required areas of competition include:

  • Formal wear walk - each age division 

  • Group line up - each age division

  • Onstage question - for Teen division only The question will be derived from the information written on the Emcee form.


Contestants in the age divisions Baby - Petite may be accompanied on stage. Scoring will remain at the judges discretion. 

Additional information

  • Dressing Rooms
    Dressing room information will be posted here at a later date. 

  • General Admission
    The price for general admission tickets are $5 per person.

  • Photography 
    A professional photographer will be onsite during the pageant.