Covid-19 Guidelines

Screening (day of, interview day, and workshop)

  • Everyone who enters the building will fill out a Covid questionnaire and have their temperature checked

  • Anyone with a temperature over 99 degrees will be asked to leave and come back after 15 minutes to be re-checked

  • A person with a second temperature screening over 99 degrees will not be allowed into the facility


Withdrawal and Refunds

  • Contestants may withdraw and be issued a refund if they have a temperature of 99 degrees or higher upon arrival or have had a positive Covid-19 test within the 10 days prior to the event

  • Any contestant testing positive or contact traced within 10 days of the event MUST withdraw

  • Contestants withdrawing for positive tests must provide the pageant director or site host proof of a positive test

  • Refunds of registration fees only will be given to contestants who are not allowed in because of high temperature or who provide evidence of a positive test for Covid-19

  • Refundable fees include Registration fees, Optional Fees such as Prettiest smile/hair/dress fees, People’s Choice entry fees, Photogenic entry fees, Interview fees and Workshop/Rehearsal fees

  • The following fees are not eligible for a refund: ad sales and sponsorships, prepaid People’s Choice donations, or fees that have already been spent (workshop fees after the workshop, etc.)


Backstage Policies

  • Only contestants and people with the proper wristband will be allowed backstage

  • Contestants will be assigned dressing room areas and times. These will be spread around the building and no contestants will ever be within six feet of another contestant in the dressing areas. All contestants will have two hours in their dressing area.

  • Contestants will be allowed one additional female in the dressing area. Contestants under 14 years old will be allowed a second person if they provide their own hair and makeup specialist, but this person must pay the $5 entry fee.

  • Masks or face shields will be required at all times when backstage except when actively changing, applying makeup, or working on hair

  • On site hair and makeup personnel will sanitize their spaces between each contestant

  • All line-ups will be socially distanced until going on stage

  • Dressing areas will be sanitized between contestants

  • All food in the hospitality area will be pre-packaged and sealed


On Stage Policies

  • We will work to make the stage portion of the event as similar as possible to previous years.

  • Hair/dress/makeup

  • Contestants will not be required to wear masks or face shields when presenting on stage

  • If the number of contestants in any given group makes social distancing impossible during the awards ceremony, contestants will be asked to be masked or face shielded during the presentation, with the exception of photographs


Audience Policies (includes non-contestants on workshop and interview days)

  • Ushers will be provided to seat audience members

  • All seats in the auditorium will be open, but seating restrictions will apply

  • Whenever possible, ushers will wipe down all hard seat surfaces before a new audience member is seated

  • Ushers will ensure that audience members are socially distanced throughout the day. A row will be left empty in front of and behind each family group. Two empty seats will be left between each family group on both left and right sides

  • Audience members will be asked to wear a mask or face shield at all times


Interview and Workshop Policies

  • All participants in the workshop will be asked to wear a mask or face shield at all times

  • Interview contestants will be asked to wear a mask or face shield at all times outside of the actual interview. Contestants will be socially distanced in the interview and may remove their mask once the interview begins, but must put it back on before leaving the interview area


Volunteer and Staff Protocols

  • The emcee will be distanced from all others and not required to wear a mask

  • Interview judges will be allowed to remove their masks during the interviews. All people in the room will be socially distanced.

  • Any volunteers or pageant personnel not mentioned above will be asked to wear a mask or face shield at all times, including workshop and interview days